Why High-Quality Photography is a Must in Today’s Real Estate Market

Designer kitchen with wood, stone and hanging lights

You have made those repairs and staged your home. Why now would you skimp on quality photography to sell your home? Sellers who want to attract more interest and potentially receive multiple offers would do well to invest in professional level photos of their home.

Understand why high-quality photos are a necessity in today’s market today.

Home Buyers and First Impressions

Online photos are the first time visitors have a chance to see the layout and features of a home. There has been a rise in potential buyers going online to view listings. Visitors are viewing homes on a number of platforms and across devices, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Those who want to engage these visitors realize the need to upload high-quality photos of the interior and exterior of a home that serve as a virtual walk-through of the property.

Selling and More Views

How much of a difference can be expected with the use of professional level photography? It has been seen that such photography can attract 61 percent more views, on average. Property owners who use professional photography to sell a home often benefit from a higher asking price and move their property faster than those do not take this route. Sellers appreciate the ability to potentially shorten the home selling process and walk away from a sale with the possibility of more money in their pockets.

Buyers Need to See Your Home

Photos help provide visual information about a home. Before even scheduling a first showing, potential buyers use photos not only when beginning their search but also return to them when looking to recall specific details and make an offer on a home. A professional shoot of a well-staged and maintained home can make a marked difference for a seller when it comes time to market a home and attract interest and for buyers when they are making an offer. Low-quality, blurry and dimly lit photos can make it hard to actually see the features of a home. Make it easy for visitors to see the property being sold and get the best price possible for a well-maintained home.

What Do Sellers Want?

Do sellers want their home to linger on the market and draw little interest due to poor-quality photos and a small pool of visitors? This may happen when cell phone photos taken by sellers or their agents are uploaded to a site. Good photos using professional equipment help broaden a seller’s reach and increase interest in a home. Multiple offers can drive up the final price of a home and a seller may get more than the price they anticipated with a little investment in high-quality photography. This heightened interest and competition among buyers may make for a shorter time for a home to be on the market before being snapped up by a qualified buyer. It is possible to sell faster with a small investment into quality photography.

Attract the right buyers for a home. Get more visitors to an MLS listing and to the property itself. Provide the details needed easily to potential buyers when they are searching for a new home or an investment property. Do all of this with high-quality photography today.