“I really appreciated Erik’s ability to connect with our students, and his enthusiasm to get a quality photograph. I have worked with numerous photographers in the past who were more concerned with finishing up the assignment than turning in quality work. He works quickly and is able to assess the environment and the lighting situations in short order.

“I was extremely impressed with his work. He has extensive experience working with hospitals and understands the environment…so you don’t have to spend 30 minutes explaining the importance of confidentiality, hospital hierarchy, or the stressful nature of healthcare.”

  • Peter Van Houten, Interim Public Relations Director, Casper College


Three words to describe Erik: HE IS AWESOME! Erik is, without a doubt, one of the best photographers on the front range. Erik is wicked smart, not only with the camera, but with the subjects. He would remember 50-60 subject names per day for 5 straight days. Engage with our professors and really bring out their best. By now Erik should have a B.A. in five degrees from UNL. If you have an idea, Erik will make it better. If you want something shot one way, he’ll do that… and ten more. Erik is a professional in every sense of the word.and easy to work with. Erik never stops at the obvious.”

  •        Jon Humiston, Creative Director, University of Nebraska – Lincoln


“Erik is able to get into my mind. He’s really good at listening and determining my needs; very professional.”

  •        Woody Myers, Director of Publications, University of Northern Colorado


“Erik goes the extra mile. I appreciate his contact before and after the shoot; he stays in touch, updating me about the shoot and finished product.”
       Gary Gnidovic, Design Director, Christianity Today


“Erik never says no: he’s up for anything. He gives me options; there are always tons of pictures to chose from. The bottom line is, Erik makes me look good to my clients.”

  •        Toby Fike, Creative Director, imagine that! Productions


“Together, Erik and I plan the cover and inside feature photos for North Colorado Medical Center’s Spirit of Women magazine. My professional background is not in marketing or journalism, therefore I rely heavily on Erik’s expertise, creativity and imagination. Erik is innovative, original, dependable, and is always timely.  He is a delight to work with, is professional with the featured physicians, yet has an entertaining personality that allows the subjects to relax and enjoy the process of being photographed.”

  •      Kris Howard, Manager, Spirit of Women, North Colorado Medical Center  


I was blown away by the quality and quantity of amazing photographs that Erik took at Project PATCH Youth RANCH.

“Two things stand out in his pictures. First, the perspective makes you feel like you feel you are in the picture. Second, he has an ability to capture people naturally rather than looking self-conscious. He had a tough assignment to naturally photograph teens in residential treatment environment who tend to avoid or clown to cameras.”

“I couldn’t have been happier with his results!”

  • Chuck Hagele, Executive Director, Project Patch


[from a letter to his webmaster] “I did want take the time to say thank you for recommending Erik… We have been blown away by his work and professionalism. I think you will be impressed with the end product too”.

  • Brandon Myers, Sales & Marketing Director, West Mark Homes, LLC. 


“Is it okay to gush over email? We had cut our budget so much and were making do with average (and below average, honestly) photography. I’d almost forgotten what an excellent shoot looked like.  You’ve given us two for one story. People will double-take on the images in this spread.”

  • Joe Conway, Marketing Team, North American Mission Board